11 December: Huis Ten Bosch

Well known as the only Dutch Theme Park outside Holland! It was modelled after a mediaeval 17th century Dutch town, Palace Huis Ten Bosch. There were several landmarks - Windmills! Cloaks! and Tulips (unfortunately, there wasn't any during in winter).

The theme park was not crowded...

A very huge pair of cloaks! Cloaks for Toa-Cah-Soh!

A ranger and the bear cycling around the theme park!

Visitors could rent a bicycle to cycle around the park.

At the entrance to the palace (park) stands the monument that commemorates the atomic bombing of Nagaskaki on 9 August 1945, 11.02 am:

This is the backyard of the palace, a very beautifully 'manicured' one... It also looked extremely familiar! oh! Isn't that a replica of Versaille Palace in France?

Click HERE to read more about the Theme Park

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